Home Buyers Guidelines


We wish you well in your search for a new home and hope the following helpful hints may assist you.

Consult one of our Property Consultants and let them work with you. Just because they don't have a particular home listed doesn't mean they can't arrange to show properties listed with other companies. You will need to give your consultant some sort of indication of the price range and the key features you are looking for in a house.

Our consultant can assist you by checking out the market to know what a house is worth. They can find out what similar houses have recently sold for. Government Valuations are a guide only - don't base your entire buying plan on them alone.

The good news for today 's home buyers is that competition between the lending institutions - Banks, Building Societies & Life Assurance offices - has provided borrowers with lots of choices. Sometimes, all these choices create confusion, so, what are the key things one should look for to get that elusive deal?

The Best Rates, Best Terms, Best Service & Options...Talk to your bank or a Mortgage Broker to establish how much money you can borrow and what your repayments are likely to cost you. Ask about different types of loans - reducing loans, fixed loans,table mortgages etc...Choose the best loan option to suit your particular circumstance & needs. If you do not have a lender in mind our consultants can direct you to one of our associates.


If you are considering purchasing a house at auction, you can find out how the process works from one of our Property Consultants. The main difference is that if you are bidding at Auction, you are bidding to buy the house with no conditions such as raising finance, getting the house inspected or lawyers approval. This will all have been arranged prior to Auction date

Buying a home is probably the largest investment you will ever make therefore you should get expert advice from a Solicitor so that your interests are protected in any transaction. A solicitor will give advice on issues such as title, cross leases, building inspections , LIM's etc...