Tauranga Disttrict Suburbs



Bethlehem has become a highly desirable area to live in Tauranga, being populated with modern executive homes. The suburb of Bethlehem combines several adjoining housing developments such as Bethlehem Heights, St Andrews, Mayfield and Huntington.
Beyond the residential housing area stretches Moffat Road (location of Bethlehem College and Bethlehem Primary
School along with Mills Reef Winery) and Cambridge Road, off which many of the regions lifestyle/residential properties are located.
Developments such as Westridge Estate, Oakridge, River Oaks Drive and Miles Lane contain the best examples of lifestyle living within 10 minutes of downtown shopping. Prices in Bethlehem generally range from $500,000 upwards.
Bethlehem Town Centre has further appeal with a large supermarket, plenty of cafes and specialty stores.