Tauranga Disttrict Suburbs

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Te Puna

Well known for its orchards and rural outlook, Te Puna is a popular lifestyle suburb with drive time to the city being 15 minutes and around 8 minutes to the nearest supermarket, and Bethlehem Town Centre. Offering supermarket, coffee shops, gyms, garden centre, hardware store, furniture stores and boutique shops, Bethlehem Town Centre offers all the shopping requirements you might need, meaning you won't have to travel further into Tauranga.
Although well known for its horticulture, Avocados being very popular throughout the area, there is a pocket of residential housing at the end of the Te Puna peninsula that is desirable for its peaceful aspect and harbour views. You will also find the Te Puna Rugy and Tennis Clubs in this area too, along with a small hub of services in the centre of Te Puna, including a petrol station, convenience store, cafe, pub, rural products store and ITM.